Plazology Adds KraussMaffei CleanForm Machine to New Validation Centre

When Plazology decided to create a brand new mould validation centre of excellence, they turned to KraussMaffei for their key piece of processing equipment, an all-electric PX 121-250 CleanForm. 

In January 2020, Plazology opened the doors to its entirely new, state of the art facility in Liverpool. Based in close proximity to an existing key client, the centre will deliver world-class validation and process optimisation capabilities to their expanding client portfolio.

The standalone unit incorporates the production and metrology equipment, as well as the technical staff needed to achieve this level of service.  If required, the supporting ancillary equipment also allows Plazology to undertake bridge to production runs.

The new validation unit brings together everything needed to offer a comprehensive mould validation service to even the most demanding clients, including manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical  products:

  • An all-electric, Class 5, 120-tonne moulding machine specifically designed for medical applications, including larger multi-impression tooling
  • Services and ancillary items that can cope with both demanding technical polymers and high-speed moulding applications
  • Kistler ComoNeo Pressure Sensor Capability
  • On-site measurement using a Nikon Vision & CMM iNEXIV, providing inspection reports via Minitab Statistical Data Package (Normal Data, Control Charts, Capability Studies & DoE)
  • Highly capable process engineers who are Six Sigma Green & Black Belt practitioners
  • Independent chiller system along with mould temperature control units allowing the flexibility needed for processing various polymers
  • Completion of the cycle of performing internal moulding simulations for customers and replicating the process conditions on the moulding machine.


Plazology had not previously bought a KraussMaffei machine, so we asked M.D. Shaun Mollon what had influenced their decision:

“Opting to buy a machine with an unfamiliar control system was not an easy decision, but the versatility and specification of the CleanForm model outweighed any concerns. . Fortunately, we have also seen superior levels of process consistency, something that is vital if we are to sample mould tools and perform R&D activities with the highest possible level of process optimisation. We found the machines control system to be extremely intuitive.

The machine offered a combination of the ideal specification, coupled with the greatest flexibility. The machine has a 120-tonne locking force, but is designated 121 because it has the ability to run much larger and heavier tools than usual. This allows us to sample multi-impression tooling, as well as those requiring additional daylight for multi-stage ejection.”

The CleanForm model is so-called for obvious reasons; even the paint used is designed to repel dust.  It also comes with a fully enclosed servo power pack as standard, so can handle any core pulling requirements.  Most critically for Plazology, the options list included a fully integrated Kistler ComoNeo cavity pressure module.

“The integrated Kistler system means that we can link to sensors within the mould tool directly from the machine’s controller, as well as easily log the information collected.  This greatly aids the transfer of tooling following validation, even when the full production machine is from a different manufacturer.”

To find out more about the PX CleanForm product range, visit:

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