Plunkett Associates Continue Successful Quality Management System

Last year Plunkett Associates were proud to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification for their Quality Management System and have just had their follow-on yearly inspection.

Plunkett Associates are pleased to report they have continued to ensure consistently high-quality throughout their services and products, and following their yearly inspection, they now have our updated certificate to display.

This certification covers all of Plunkett Associates’ core activities involved in providing high-quality manufacturing solutions.

Over the last year, they have been committed to maintaining and implementing further, many of the necessary policies, practices and procedures required to run an efficient, successful Quality Management System.

They feel they have been particularly vigilant over the documentation of their supply chain management, to be able to evidence supplier chain quality, ensuring that their clients continue to receive the highest quality parts and the very best in customer service.

Plunkett Associates are now ready to take the next step and their sister company, Adept Precision, is currently preparing for an audit date and is hoping to receive similar accreditation in July. Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction remains the priority for the company. They also felt it was important for Adept Precision to have ISO accreditation in its own right for those clients who require the credentials for their own systems.

As Jo Hutchings, Quality Manager explains, “Quite simply, ISO 9001 is a manual and a set of processes, which will help us to manage and further improve the quality of our service to our clients.”

What will it mean when Adept Precision has the accreditation? Ideally, they hope their clients won’t actually notice a difference!

“We would like to think we’ve always produced consistently high precision parts – and through Plunkett Associates, that same high-quality service will continue but with the added benefit of both companies having ISO 9001:2015 certification.”

So, for those of you that were limited to ISO accredited companies before, Adept Precision will now become a viable option.

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