Polymer Distributors Industry Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PlastikCity is aware that many moulders may be concerned about polymer supply. They, therefore, decided to call up their Material Distributor Partners and ask them to provide an update on their activities and supply.

Latest Information from Polymer Suppliers:

Begg & Co Thermoplastics Ltd

Represented by Paula Neal
Contact Details: info@beggandco.co.uk
Tel: 0208 310 1236

The team is totally isolated in the office, but otherwise, Begg is running as normal.

They have implemented a total lockdown, with no one being allowed into certain areas unless it’s essential. No factory staff permitted in the office and vice versa.

They have noticed that some orders are starting to be delayed. They have had some order cancellations as many moulders are closing for the next three weeks.

They have had some delays from Europe for getting materials in, but no transport issues with getting materials to customers.

They operate in mainly PET and commodity plastics and have a lot in stock. They are operating as close to normal for the foreseeable future.


Represented by Matthew Sydenham
Contact: sales@imagro.co.uk
Tel: 020 3427 3427

Stocks in the UK for all types of engineering and styrene-based plastics are not suffering issues at this time. No supply problems from Asia and Europe is still supplying demands.

Logistics centres are still open.

Their focus is on trying to collect information on companies that need support, especially in the medical sector. They want to understand the limitations each of their customers are operating in, then work together to solve their problems.

As such, they will be setting up a video meeting with every one of their customers to make sure they meet their demands.  In the case of medical needs, Imagro will make their requirements a priority. Now is the time to come together.

Imagro doesn’t publish stock lists, as their priority is to current customers.

Matthew is hoping this situation demonstrates to the Government how critical UK manufacturing is to the country and that people in this industry should be considered as key workers.

Plastic Technology Service

Represented by David Schruers
Contact Details: david.schruers@ptsuk.com
Tel: 01722 781 088

Plastic Technology Service is still open for business; they are still receiving deliveries from their suppliers and also making deliveries to customers.

PTS offer a range of engineering thermosets (phenolic and epoxy moulding compounds), elastomers (SEBS/SEPS), thermoplastics (PA, PA blends, PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PP compounds) and polymer additives (antistats, dispersion aids, superconductive carbon black).

While they hold a range of thermoset materials in stock, they are also able to quickly import engineering-grade elastomers and thermoplastics on our regular deliveries from Europe. Materials are most often custom compounded from high-quality European suppliers, however, there is generally also a wide range of materials available from warehouse stocks.

Their message to moulders who are having difficulty obtaining engineering polymers is to let us know their requirements and we will quickly be able to check our local and European stock.


Represented by Mike Boswell
Contact: sales@plastribution.co.uk
Tel: 01530 560560

Plastribution is working closely with key supply partners to assess the risk to our supply chains and have been reassured that, at this time, there is no impact on production or shipping of the thermoplastic raw materials they provide.

They are also holding over 5000T of stock in the UK across the range, which will act to mitigate against any supply disruption. Should you have concerns about specific grades or materials however, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and customer service team.

They will continue to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates as required.


Represented by Alexandra Warner
Contact details: sales@polydistuk.com
Tel: 01283 517517

Current levels of supply remain ok at this time. Polydist has a good level of stocks in the warehouse, but most of this is reserved for current customers. New customers will have to make enquiries on an individual basis.

Their main worry is if supply from outside of the UK stops. They also said that their European warehouses are now only operating with a quarter of the workforce, however, the UK warehouses remain fully staffed and are operating as normal.

It is business as usual for office staff but appreciates this could change at any time. Credit and deliveries are operating as usual.

They said there isn’t much recycling going on at the moment, so they anticipate there will be a demand for virgin materials instead of recycled for packaging over the next few months.

Total Polymer Solutions

Represented by David Guthrie
Contact Details: dguthrie@totalpolymer.com
Tel: +353 1 257 3961

Total Polymer Solutions are fully operational at the moment, but they are still assessing the Government message as to whether they are classified as a key service, as this still remains unclear.

Polymer distributors in Ireland who are supplying key sectors have been told to stay open so they can provide these materials. They also said that many moulders who are not involved in these industries are shutting down.

Their warehousing and transport might have to close depending on the government guidelines.

Much of their material is supplied by PolyOne with sites all over the world. Future supply depends on whether countries keep their borders open.

David said they have an extensive supplier network across Europe and North America. As such if any customers are experiencing difficulties with materials from their usual suppliers, they will be happy to try and help.



The team at PlastikCity will be available throughout this difficult period to help plastic manufacturers and our partners.

If you’re struggling to find people, equipment, material or anything else required to run your business, please use the PlastikCity website or contact us directly. We’ll be happy to use our extensive network to try and locate any resources you may require.

Using PlastikCity for procurement can reduce the need for face-to-face meetings –  helping you safeguard your workforce.


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