Prepare for your Return to Work with the SteriType Antibacterial Range

Prepare for your Return to Work with the SteriType Antibacterial Range

In the midst of a global pandemic, keeping surfaces clean at all times is more important than ever before. Face masks and PPE have been introduced as a measure of additional protection, but what protects us from the devices we handle in our workplaces on a daily basis?

Our mobile phones, for example, are breeding grounds for bacteria. It has also been well documented that there are more bacteria on a keyboard than on a toilet seat. If a surface becomes contaminated, bacteria or a virus can be transferred from person to person via touch alone. The question is, as we all face the possibility of slowly returning to our workplaces, what measures can we put in place to protect ourselves from further contamination?

SteriType Antibacterial Products

An antibacterial product will restrict the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. SteriType Antibacterial Products, in particular, harness the antimicrobial properties of silver to create a permanent protective barrier in almost any material.

The purpose is not to create a sterile environment – we all know that being exposed to certain types of bacteria builds a healthy immune system. However, given our current climate and state of heightened awareness, by choosing an antibacterial product, it acts as a complementary measure to routine cleaning.

Virus Breakdown

In regards to routine cleaning, hand hygiene is of paramount importance. Regular and thorough hand washing, coupled with the use of sanitising products such as alcohol gels, is the best approach to minimising infection risk.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, so-called because of its fatty outer membrane or ‘envelope’. The virus is transmitted in the same manner as other viruses including SARS and MERS, through respiratory droplets. These might be inhaled or ingested, through hand to mouth contact.

How Antimicrobial Products Can Help Protect Your Workspace

To combat this, SteriType has designed a range of antibacterial products ranging from Alcohol Sanitiser and Mobile Phone Sleeves, to Antibacterial Mice, Keyboards and retro-fitted covers. You have to question whether the multi-use items in your place of work are protected if a virus or harmful bacteria were to be present on the surface. This is where SteriType Antibacterial Products come in.  Prepare for your return to work the right way, by making your workstations as protected as possible.

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