Four Ways DELMIA | Works ERP can Help Manufacturing Businesses Thrive

DELMIA | Works, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software company, is running four 30-minute webinars in which you can learn ways in which effective manufacturing software can help your plastics manufacturing business to thrive.

In the first webinar, manufacturers can learn how to identify the hidden costs in their business and understand their actual costs.

Hosted on Thursday 8th April 2021 at 13:00 BST, attendees will be able to learn ways they can accurately determine costing information through real-time collaboration, visibility and communication across their business.

Attendees will also find out how digital transformation can open up exciting new opportunities for growth – now and into the future.

You can register for the first webinar here.

Other webinars in the series include:

Have answers to customer questions at your fingertips

Date: Thursday 20th May 2021  |  Time: 13:00 BST
As a manufacturing organisation, you are expected to answer customer questions quickly and accurately, track and manage all customer interaction, provide accurate lead times and available to promise dates and deliver real-time status on orders in process.

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Get more production with existing equipment and personnel

Date: Thursday 17th June 2021  |  Time: 13:00 BST
Manufacturing organisations often wonder if they are utilising their production equipment effectively or if they will need to make a capital investment on equipment. Without the visibility of real-time production data, organisations do not have the capability to make critical decisions.

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How to automate quality documentation & reporting

Date: Thursday 15th July 2021  |  Time: 13:00 BST
If your manufacturing process involves quality, regulatory and audit requirements, how are you maintaining your controlled documents and work orders? Are your systems ISO certified? How long does it take to prepare for audits?

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Why DELMIA | Works for plastic manufacturing?

For plastics manufacturing companies, it’s particularly important to connect the processes for procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and finance.

Some of the problems that plastics manufacturers regularly face are that they’re struggling to access information at various stages of the manufacturing process or that they’ve got a number of different systems trying to talk to each other, with information saved in a number of different locations.

DELMIA | Works (formerly known as IQMS) was built from the ground up by Randy Flamm, a technical service worker at GE Plastics who had a belief that the scheduling process in plastics manufacturing could be made much more efficient.

Inspired by this belief, Randy developed a system with a ‘shop floor first’ philosophy, which provides an end-to-end manufacturing ERP System, and a real-time production monitoring solution to help increase plastics manufacturing efficiency and gain visibility into the performance of the shop floor.

DELMIA | Works therefore, is a system that was built specifically by manufacturers for manufacturers.

The system allows all manufacturing processes and data to be held in a single platform; it provides live dashboards with real-time analytics information and provides objective data to help executives make informed business decisions.

Why Proximity for DELMIA | Works?

Choosing the right team to help you implement a business-critical system is an essential part of the process to ensure as smooth and seamless transition as possible.

Proximity is one of the leading DELMIA | Works partners across the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

When you choose Proximity to implement DELMIA | Works for your business, you’re not only getting a team of experts in configuring ERP systems for the manufacturing industry.

You’re also getting a team of manufacturing specialists who know the ins and outs of manufacturing processes and workflows, who understand the niches in which DELMIA | Works operate best and who have a wealth of experience in implementing ERP systems for many different plastic manufacturing businesses.

Proximity consultants have a collective experience of 575 years across manufacturing and ERP software solutions.

This gives the company a wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and how to best implement and support manufacturing processes using software and ERP systems.

If you’d like to learn more about how DELMIA | Works ERP can help your plastics manufacturing business thrive, register for any (or all) of the webinars in the Four Ways ERP Helps Manufacturing Businesses Thrive Free Webinar Series.

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