Recycling Excellence at the National Recycling Awards

MGB Plastics, the UK’s leading wheeled bin manufacturer and part of the OnePlastics Group, has been presented with the Recycling Excellence Award at the 2019 MRW National Recycling Awards.

This award was presented to MGB Plastics for their commitment to prolonging polymer life. With ongoing investments across the Rotherham based business, MGB has worked alongside British technology polymer partners to develop a brand-new recycled HDPE material formulation. This formulation has been developed to maximise recycled content without ever compromising on quality.

Rather than a regrind, MGB’s new material is a compound formulation which ensures that polymer performs as new at a molecular level. As a result, MGB’s wheeled bins can now contain up to 70% recycled HDPE, while still meeting the highest European quality standard, EN840.

The companies Head of Environmental Containers, Ross Schofield, commented: “MGB has been working extremely hard with our British polymer partners to develop a recycled plastic  specification that exactly mirrors the performance of virgin plastic in finished products.

“We’ve been pro-actively tackling the perception in UK councils that they must pay more for virgin polymer as its performance has been historically perceived as superior. However, we are delighted to now offer an award-winning solution that mirrors the performance of virgin and offers significant environmental and cost advantages.

“We identified that pushing virgin grades to local authorities has been common practice across the waste and recycling industry, often used to justify higher prices for imported products, so we are delighted with the timing of our new formulation as it arrives at a very topical moment! Newly designed British made bins, made from tightly controlled, refined and tested British recycled plastic; perfect for the UK circular economy.

Winner: Leading By Example – Maximising Polymer Life, MGB Plastics

Alongside developments in recycled material, MGB’s recent recycling excellence award has also commended efforts in becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill accredited site.

Both MGB Plastics and Straight Manufacturing were also finalists for Product of the Year at the 2019 MRW National Recycling Awards with their industry-leading wheeled bin design and the UK’s first Triple Stack System, a kerbside sort recycling system which can be manufactured from 100% British recycled plastic.


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