Renmar Expands into Three Company Divisions

As Renmar Plastics Machinery continues to improve and grow its offering of machinery and equipment, the company has decided to split into three distinct divisions; the Machinery, Recycling and Ancillary Divisions.

The website has also been updated to reflect the new divisions, which is in keeping with the user-friendliness of the website.

  • The Machinery division features thermoforming and extrusion lines manufactured by the Amut Group.
  • The Recycling division houses Engin Plast granulators and ISVE shredders but also features large scale recycling lines and equipment such as full waste handling plants, MRFs, PRFs, wash plants and more.
  • The Ancillary division is the bread and butter division for Renmar. It features Virginio Nastri conveyors and conveyor systems, and the SB Plastics Machinery range of material handling equipment such as dryers, dosers and loaders.

The above is all in addition to the range of Eltex static control equipment which Renmar has been supplying since taking over the distributorship from former sister company Arrowquint Limited. You can find out more at Renmar’s dedicated static control range –

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