RJG Technologies Launch Lower Cost 6mm Cavity Pressure Sensor

The 6mm Strain Gage sensor is the smallest injection moulding pressure sensor of its kind, matching the size of the Piezoelectric 9211 with greater ease of use and a lower price point.

RJG’s new 6 mm cavity pressure sensor was released in Spring 2017. The 6 mm sensor is ideal for high cavitation moulds with small, tightly packed ejector pins. It allows customers to measure cavity pressure in order to improve quality and reduce costs.

There will be two models available, one rated to 50 pounds for use with the ejector pins up to 2 mm diameter, and another rated to 250 pounds for pins up to 4.5 mm diameter.

The 6 mm sensor is a robust, indirect (under the pin) pressure sensor that works in conjunction with the eDART SystemTM to assist moulders in diagnosing processes and automatically sorting suspect parts. The 6 mm sensor head is the smallest strain gauge sensor available, permitting the use in moulds that may have tight clusters of pins with limited room.

The new model is designed with a sensor head that matches the dimension and installation pocket of the Piezoelectric 9211 6 mm button. That means it contains all of the capability of the Piezo at a more cost effective price—approximately 20% below comparable Piezo Multi-Channel Systems. Unlike Piezo, though, the connector cables can be bent and folded without damage, making them more flexible and easier to manoeuver around obstacles.

Features of the 6 mm sensor include:

  • 6 mm diameter and height
  • Flexible, robust, order-to-length cables
  • Not susceptible to moisture or contamination

“Smaller sensors are becoming more popular as part complexity and cavitation increases,” said Mike Groleau, Project Manager at RJG. “Our new sensor provides an alternative to the current Piezo technology that reduces cost while improving data reliability.”

The 6 mm sensor is part of RJG’s Multi-Channel Strain Gauge sensor line, which was designed to simplify in-mould installations for moulds with four or more sensors and save real estate in the mould. This multi-channel cavity pressure solution, unique to RJG, allows injection moulders to connect up to eight strain gage sensors to one connection point on the mould.

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