Silvergate Launches Colour Match Service for Recyclates

Independent masterbatch manufacturer, Silvergate Plastics, has launched a consistent batch-to-batch colour match service for customers using recycled raw materials.

As brands and manufacturers operating across all sectors actively seek sustainable alternatives to virgin polymers, Silvergate is able to add value when it comes to colouring recycled ground polymer. This comes as the UK Government sets out plans that will require manufacturers of plastic packaging to incorporate at least 30% recycled content into product formulations in an effort to overhaul the country’s waste management strategy. Subject to consultation, the proposal to apply a tax on plastic packaging that does not meet the minimum of 30% recycled content will come into force in 2022.

More manufacturers are starting to include recycled post-consumer waste into their feedstocks in anticipation of the changes either by re-grounding internal waste or purchasing recycled raw materials from suppliers. Due to the nature of recycling, the base colour of this feedstock can vary from batch to batch. This colour variation in the base polymer will inevitably impact the performance of colourants should the same dye formulation be used time and again.

To support the efforts of manufacturers seeking to implement greener solutions, Silvergate has launched a highly responsive colour match service that overcomes any variation in the base colour of recycled feedstock. As well as producing bespoke masterbatches that achieve accurate colour matches in all grades of recyclates, Silvergate is able to incorporate additives that combat heat degradation and processing inconsistencies.

Commenting on the success of recent trials, Paul Kitson, Business Development Manager for Silvergate Plastics said:

The colour of recyclates can vary significantly, and many processors believe the myth that recycled plastics are limited by colour when compared to virgin polymers. At Silvergate, thanks to our strict colour management policies and processes, we are not only able to achieve the desired colour from the outset, but we will always adjust the formulation so any variants in feedstock colour will be accommodated within our colour management strategy.


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