Support for UK Manufacturing During COVID-19

Prea is a member of the PCN (Plastics Consultancy Network) and a PlastikCity Partner. Prea is working remotely on a voluntary basis with its Government International Trade Advisor (ITA) in connecting manufacturers in the supply of equipment for front line work.

This work has ranged from bottles for hand sanitisers, sanitisers, rubber masks, partitions for the Nightingale hospitals, medical equipment, bronchial tubes and more.

Prea is helping companies in the area of technical consultancy. They have been advising their clients to increase shift patterns, canteen breaks and reduce the number of employees per shift. This has reduced output but has been justified in terms of safety and being able to stay open at some capacity. The company continues to advise/assist businesses in technical queries and issues that naturally come with staff working remotely. This has resulted in manufacturing companies being able to supply products for front line workers.

There has been a natural dip in the market for buying and selling companies, mergers and acquisitions, however, Prea is active in this market and is working with all parties – buyers, sellers and investors, assisting with cash flow planning and advising them of their business units and portfolios. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Prea was reshoring manufacturing back to the UK, mainland Europe and North America, reducing the carbon footprint which now, if anything, has been a catalyst as the supply chain has been exposed, meaning suppliers need to use companies on their doorstep. Establishing a UK-based supply chain makes companies more resilient in future against global and national crises. Prea is still advising and assisting companies with mergers and acquisitions, some being on hold and some ongoing with communication via video conference.

Prea has also been busy recruiting for clients, candidates for critical and future roles. It has commercial personnel, skilled manufacturing operatives and technical personnel looking for short-term and long-term opportunities.

Again, working remotely, Prea can help your business with the following services:

  • Risk assessments – working at home and manufacturing
  • Quality systems
  • Guidance on health and safety at work
  • Providing written policies

For all the services mentioned here feel free to discuss further with Prea on 0161 207 8007 or

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