The Benefits of a Clean Environment in the Electronics Industry

When it comes to sensitive advanced electronics, companies cannot risk any particulate contamination.

Diverse with a wide spectrum of processes, the electronics sector covers semi-conductors, display panels, circuit boards and nanotechnology, among many other applications.  The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Association estimates that 25% of all electronics damaged for unknown reasons can be attributed to ESD and the cost of damage to the Electronics industry to be $5 billion (USD) per year.

Static electricity is impossible to see, touch or smell; however the results of static charge build up are quite noticeable.  Static charge build-up is caused by one of two processes: either by friction between two surfaces or by proximity to an electrostatic field.

Static build up in manufacturing environments often causes a reduction in productivity and a drop in the product quality.  Static charges can cause severe damage to sensitive electronic components, requiring costly rework or repair.

Humidity and temperature levels affect static charges.  A high humidity removes ESD; however raises the level of moisture in the air, increasing the risk of corrosion and the growth of micro-organisms.  Therefore it is important to establish a balance in your humidity and temperature levels to minimise these risks, maintain high levels of quality and reduce overall defects in your finished electronics products.

A suggested relative humidity of 40-60% should be maintained in the manufacturing environment, alongside a temperature range of 20-25°C; however to ensure you are achieving your required level of humidity, a risk assessment should be carried out on each of your individual manufacturing processes.  The inclusion of a temperature and humidity control within your cleanroom will ensure that these levels are consistently achieved.

Preventing ESD in your Cleanroom

To minimise the risk of failure to their products, electronics manufacturers must first ensure the cleanliness of their manufacturing space.  Connect 2 Cleanrooms understands how critical controlling contamination is to an electronics manufacturer’s success and the risks to electronic and nanotechnology components from static charges and UV exposure.  Their range of bespoke modular cleanrooms can be constructed using antistatic components that can help ground static electricity, to protect sensitive products from the damage these charges cause – such as latent failure to product.

The inclusion of a temperature and humidity control system within your cleanroom will ensure the recommended levels of humidity and temperature range are consistently achieved.

The most employed method of limiting electrostatic charge is by grounding people and objects.  The use electro conductive floorings combined with conductive footwear constitute a key part of this.  ESD Anti-fatigue mats and flooring guarantee the lasting elimination of electrostatic charges while taking into account people’s safety.

As well as the prevention of ESD, it is important that employees have enough light to carefully handle small components.  Connect 2 Cleanrooms can incorporate UV lighting and specialist wall panels to block certain spectrums of UV light within your cleanroom solution.

Selecting ESD and anti-static apparel and accessories for your cleanroom, the consumables division of Connect 2 Cleanrooms supplies a range of anti-static and ESD cleanroom apparel, cleaning supplies and furniture, which can monitor and eliminate static or negative pressure.

Antistatic clothing is the most effective way to protect your electronic circuits. ESD Clothing including coveralls, lab coats and footwear eliminates electric charge as well as ensuring the highest standard of particle control, offering your employees both comfort and protection.

Static meters are an effective product for identifying static problems within your processes and the inclusion of the ionising bars can help eliminate the issues identified.

Designed primarily with the electronics industry in mind, the wide variety of high and low ESD chairs suit a range of applications and will ensure your employees comfort over long periods of time within your critical environment.

Anti-static sprays prevent charge generation and other static related problems, with cleaning accessories, such as bin liners being ideal for static sensitive areas where electrostatic contamination can be a problem.

The expert team at can help advise you on the most suitable products to ensure your critical environment is static-free and dust-free.  Call them today on +44 (01524) 813022.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms have proven success in supporting companies in their production capabilities within the electronics sector, supporting new innovations and processes including smart watches, heads up display, aero blades and electronic tablets.

More information on Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ modular cleanrooms can be found at or contact a member of the projects team on +44 (0)1524 813020.

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