Thermal Management Polymer Heatsinks Showcased at LUX LIVE

The Protool Plastics Group will be showcasing thermal management via polymer heatsinks at LUX LIVE, Europe’s largest annual lighting event, from 13th to 14th November.

The Protool Plastics Group will exhibit at LUX LIVE 2019 at Excel London on the 13th to 14th November 2019. The Protool Plastics Group offers full analysis service for thermal management via injection moulded polymers, and sample heatsinks can be seen at the LUX LIVE exhibition.

Featured on the LUX LIVE stand will be Protool’s thermal management polymers aimed at the LED Lighting, Electronics and Automotive industries.

This specialist technology reduces costs, reduces product weight and allows the product designer a much wider range of design opportunities.

Typical material advantages are:-

  • 40% component cost reduction compared to aluminium die casting.
  • 42% lighter than aluminium, critical for automotive & ceiling lightweight saving.
  • Comparable performance to aluminium based on 35C ambient temperature thermal tests.
  • 40% reduction in mould tool cost.
  • Tool life in excess of 500,000 shots compared to 80,000 shots in aluminium.
  • Post mould machining or painting not required.
  • Electrically conductive or insulating options.
  • Accommodates self-tapping screws.
  • Can be post mould machined, drilled or tapped.

Group Managing Director Michael Hadfield, stated: “Our Fareham site has manufactured polymer heatsinks for several years and as such has significant experience in the process parameters required to accurately injection mould a polymer that behaves differently to almost all others.

Back in 2014, it was difficult to sell this technology as designers could not compute that a material that is usually thermally insulating could be thermally conductive to the required levels. Times change and the drive to reduce costs and product weights have given us a bigger window of opportunity to demonstrate its full potential.

Michael continued: “Advances in material technology and heatsink design has vastly increased the potential of the polymer with successful applications on commercial lighting up to 5,000 Lumens and over 30 watts of output power. This technology has come of age, and we continue to be at the forefront of injection moulded polymers across the UK.

Lux Live

Find Protool Plastics Group at LUX LIVE on stand G0 (G zero), where Michael Hadfield (Group Managing Director) and Graham Wilkins (Operations Director Fareham) will be available to discuss the injection moulding and assembly processes available at the Manchester and Fareham sites.


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