Shortages of Medical Vials & Diagnostics Boosts Demand for TOPAS® COC

Due to a shortage of borosilicate glass which is now predominately used to make vaccine vials, TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), supplied by IMCD, could offer hope to alleviate this potential growing worldwide shortage.

TOPAS® COC has always been a material alternative for medical syringes and containers, a market which has been dominated by borosilicate glass. Recently, there has been a surge in demand and interest in TOPAS® COC due to a shortage of borosilicate glass.

While borosilicate glass meets most of today’s industry needs, there are emerging drugs and therapies that are incompatible with glass, putting more of a focus on TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymers which can be compatible with these emerging biotech-derived active ingredients while at the same time exceeding industry standards.

TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymers have ultra-high purity as well as superior optical performance, along with its non-polar, low reactivity surface and broad global regulatory compliance make this copolymer ideal for diagnostic disposables, packaging of vaccines and therapeutic agents. If you wanted to find out more information on these world-class TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymers, visit or

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