Trotec Laser Customer Focus: PROMOT Automation

PROMOT initially engraved their signs using a mechanical engraving machine for the signage needed for their automated systems. Having upgraded to a Trotec CO2 Speedy 360 laser engraving machine in 2016, their capacity is up 60%. 

PROMOT Automation is an Austrian industrial machine manufacturer specialising in material-handling technology. The company provides systems, advice, and services for the automation of cutting machine tools for machine tool manufacturers and users. They have three business cores, which areas are:

  • Workpiece handling
  • Pallet handling
  • Tool handling

The Upper Austrian company supplies automated systems to international clients from car manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, tool, and mechanical engineering sectors. PROMOT currently employs over 250 members of staff and has an export quota of 95%.

The Challenge facing PROMOT Automation

PROMOT produces between 200 and 250 automated systems every year. Numerous types of signage are required for these systems, such as information signs or data plates. The number of signs needed depends on the size of the system, but up to a few hundred signs may be required. Even up to 1000 signs can be needed for each machine in exceptional cases. In the beginning, the engraved signs were provided by external service providers; however, due to the large number of signs required, PROMOT decided to manufacture all of their signage in-house instead.

Johannes Neubacher, Manager of Electrical Design at PROMOT, said, “We opted for the Speedy laser engraver from Trotec because it offered the best price-performance ratio. The TroCare Service Package and the proximity of Trotec Laser also strongly influenced our purchase decision. Since then, Trotec has proven to be the right choice for PROMOT.” 

The Trotec Laser Solution

PROMOT initially engraved its signs using a mechanical engraving machine. Since 2016 PROMOT has been using a Trotec CO2 Speedy 360 laser engraving machine for manufacturing signs, mainly using double-layer synthetic laminate or anodised aluminium. For PROMOT, this yields an average capacity of approx. 60% daily. 10 people operate the laser machine in total.

The process flow is easy. The system planners at PROMOT Automation produce the requisite signs in their planning tool and send these directly from the program via print drivers to the laser. No additional software is needed, and the requisite laser parameters are already recorded for all the materials used, making it easy for all users to operate the laser engraving machine.

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