Turn Your Energy Spend into a Fund for Business Investment with Utility Team

Utility Team are now offering a unique product, enabling you to turn your energy spend in to usable Capex, to invest in your business.

Below is some information on the EPP (Energy Performance Partnership):

–  Utility Team build the cost of new equipment, such as more efficient machinery or green technology, in to your energy contract.
–  This fund is interest free and doesn’t require any guarantees.
–  They can extend or renew your gas and electricity contracts for durations of up to three years, depending on the size of the fund needed.
–  This fund can be paid to you up to twelve months in advance of the contract live date, enabling you to invest in your business and benefit from reduced consumption immediately.
–  Also, any qualifying expenditure is eligible to be relieved against profits at the rate of 100%.
–  They can provide a free energy site audit ensuring maximum energy reductions can be achieved or you can use the fund to invest in more efficient plant on-site already identified by yourself.

Key Benefits:

–  Lower consumption, equalling lower energy spends.
–  Increased profitability.
–  Environmental compliance and improved green credentials.

Utility Team offer proven expert advice and guidance on which route to market is most beneficial for your business, with safe and transparent channels to procure power, gas and water commodities. In addition, they also provide comprehensive support and account management for large and multi-site portfolios.

Give them a call for more information or to arrange for your free energy site audit.

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