Ultrasonic Compressed Air Leak Detection System

ELTEC was established to identify waste energy and offer solutions, including compressed air leak surveys. Air leaks can amount to 30% of a compressor’s capacity that can cost more than £10k upwards.

Compressed air leak surveys are conducted with an ultrasonic device. The technique is not intrusive and does not stop machines. Leaks can be heard with ultrasound even with all the machines in operation and in high noise environments, and leaks can be located that you cannot hear.

How much are leaks costing

It is not unusual for >35% of a compressors generated air to be lost to air leaks. Of the surveys conducted, an average cost of a single air leak is £240, for a 24/7 operation that can be £40k, 24/5 operation £30k.

During the first visit there can be >100 leaks found, and these gradually reduce in each subsequent visit. 70+ leaks are generally found in subsequent visits but the leak size is smaller.

Most leaks are from fittings and hoses. The vast majority of leaks are easy, low-cost fixes but cost a lot. In a lot of cases a single leak can cover the cost of the survey.

ELTEC offer a find and fix service that get a quick ROI and minimise air leaks.

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