Verus Metrology Certified as a Great Place to Work

Verus Metrology Partners is honoured to have received Great Place to Work certification. The certification reinforces Verus’s commitment to building a positive workplace culture where all of its employees can thrive, excel in their careers and serve customers better.

With a passion for metrology, Verus Metrology Partners’ main areas of expertise are metrology fixtures, sub-contract metrology and Moldflow analysis.

Yvette Haughey, Group Finance & HR Director at Verus Metrology, welcomed the latest achievement for the award-winning organisation.

Yvette said: Being recognised as a Great Place to Work underpins some of our organisation’s key initiatives. These include our growing apprenticeship program, employee-led shadow board, and focused mentor and leadership training.”

Verus Metrology now has a dedicated page on the Great Place to Work website as part of the certification.

What is Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work Ireland is part of the global Great Place to Work organisation that aims to raise workplace standards for all employees. It works with organisations on company culture, and it operates a certification program where companies are independently assessed on how they operate. A substantial proportion of this assessment comes from the thoughts and experiences of employees.

Employing 38 staff, Verus Metrology serves globally in the medical device, pharmaceutical, FMCG and biosciences sectors. The company has been strategically partnering with clients in these sectors since 2008.

Verus Metrology team collage

The Great Place to Work Assessment Process

Culture Audit

There are two main elements to the Great Place to Work assessment process. The first is a Culture Audit that involves the company providing detailed information on five key areas:

  • TrustWhat makes Verus a great place to work, as well as how and why it creates this environment
  • Human potential – How the company helps its employees reach their full potential and achieve their goals
  • Values – Verus’ guiding principles and core values
  • Leadership – The business and leadership strategy, as well as how Verus communicates across the organisation
  • Innovation – How Verus facilitates employees to innovate and push boundaries in the metrology field

Employee Survey

The other crucial part of the assessment is a survey that all employees are asked to respond to. The threshold for completing this survey is very high at over 90%. This ensures the information gathered is an accurate reflection of the opinions and feelings of those working in the company.

The survey is also completely anonymous to encourage employees to be open and honest when expressing their thoughts and opinions.

It is highly detailed, too. There are 75 questions across 17 categories that range from communication and involvement to career and development. Most importantly, the initiative recognises diversity and inclusion within the organisation also. Several of the questions involve selecting the most relevant option from a list. However, there are also some open-ended questions that employees can use to give more detail.

Verus: Great Place to Work Accreditation

Certified as a Great Place to Work

Mark Devanney, Design Engineer at Verus Metrology, helped organise the survey and acted as the main contact for Great Place to Work Ireland. He said: “There are always challenges when conducting an exercise like this.

“Everyone is busy working on important projects for clients, so it can be a bit daunting trying to find the time to complete a 75-question survey. There is sometimes a bit of nervousness about the level of anonymity too.

“I have to say, though, the team was fantastic in getting the survey back. Of course, we were delighted with the results that were presented to us by Great Place to Work. For example, 100% of people said the customer/client is at the centre of everything that we do here at Verus, while 90% feel they can count on the cooperation of their colleagues. Those are big numbers.

“Company culture is something that should always be a work-in-progress, but we have a great team here at Verus. That gives us an excellent foundation to build on and to achieve our growth plans for the future.”

Yvette echoed these thoughts as she added: “We are enormously proud of our valued team and the trust and belief they have in our organisation. This award gives us real confidence as we guide our organisation towards further growth.”

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