Introducing The Verus Metrology Workshop

Verus Metrology Partners has developed the Verus Metrology Workshop, a collaborative client measurement session that increases productivity and efficiency while keeping project costs and timescales to a minimum.

We already know the value of using modernised equipment and the latest technology when conducting metrology. But, with little room for manoeuvre in measurement data throughout the medical device industry, equally important to part validation is the inclusion of expert knowledge from every production area. Insight from the product designers, mould makers and toolmakers alongside the experts in dimensional inspection is crucial, as their input will seek to overcome metrological concerns that often arise just as the product hits the quality testing stage. Verus has continued to observe the benefits of such collaboration with its clients and has developed its own collaborative measurement process that now plays an instrumental part in the services it offers its clients today.

The Verus Metrology Workshop

Often what is asked to be measured and what can be measured differs greatly. Likewise, information on important factors like datum locations, GD&T allocations and tolerancing may be lacking. The Verus Metrology Workshop looks to remove these obstacles by gathering the relevant production parties together, creating a space for information sharing so that all critical elements of the project can be laid bare. As a result, there are no unfavourable measurement results when the product gets to the validation stage.

The Verus Metrology Workshop: Presenting

A collaborative approach to measurement

The workshops are held at the beginning of each project and are a chance for everyone involved to negotiate and compromise on what can be achieved in terms of the product’s design. The product designer will look at the design specifications from one angle, while the mould maker will view the specifications from their own angle regarding what they can physically mould. The workshop will be a way of finding the right balance between the two viewpoints.

Essentially, Verus will examine the drawings and advise on what can be measured in a production environment and what cannot be measured. In essence, the experts in metrology will advise on the dimensional callouts that are production-worthy. Areas that often come under review at this point are the datum structures and tolerancing and how to attain repeatable and reproducible results.

The Verus Metrology Workshop: Sketching/DiagramMetrology best practice

Highlighting metrology best practice, The Verus Workshop combines Verus’s integrated metrology solutions and expert in-house subcontract metrology services to allow clients to achieve a much more streamlined, productive and cost-effective metrology process. We know that metrology can cause a lot of difficulty and delays at times, which can be very costly. Hence, The Verus Workshop is designed to simplify clients’ lives, giving them confidence in the measurement data.

Discussing the benefits of Verus’s Metrology Workshop, Verus COO Michael Nugent says:

Our workshops significantly speed up the measurement process for our clients. When done constructively, a situation where the departments are at loggerheads over what needs to be measured will not happen.

Often, the designers want one thing, with the mould makers looking for something completely different and an over and back ensues. This can be a poor way of communicating and important information can get lost. Our workshops create this roundtable scenario where everyone has an input into what the deliverables are and what is possible.”

However, not only can the workshops save production a lot of time, but they can also save a lot of money. For example, if parts are produced without consideration for the metrology stage, production may eventually grind to a halt, which, as we all know, will cost a fortune and fixing mistakes costs even more.

The Verus Metrology Workshop: Designing/MeasuringTherefore, integrating The Verus Metrology Workshop into production processes will help increase productivity and efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve and maintain compliance while keeping costs and timescales to a minimum. Clients will learn how to cope with advancements in technologies used every day during part testing while at the same time sourcing the most innovative solutions to measurement challenges.

To learn more about the Verus Metrology Workshop, contact Michael Nugent, Chief Operations Officer, on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 215) or Sean Murphy, Group Technical Operations Director on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 2). To request a quote, click here.

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