Verus Metrology Partners are Setting the Standards for Metrology

High standards of metrology, displaying best practice, and continuous improvement is crucial for Verus when delivering excellent results to their clients.

Verus’ passion is metrology and their focus is on supporting their global clients with a team of experienced design engineers, metrology engineers and toolmakers to create robust and trusted metrology solutions. That is why Verus are currently in the application process for ISO:17025, the main standard used by testing laboratories. The company are committed to having this international standard accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) by the second quarter of 2019.

Verus’ priority is to provide the highest possible quality service to their clients and the foundation of their business for more than 10 years has been providing subcontract dimensional measurement and inspection services. This dedicated and tailored service continues to be the bedrock upon which they will build the organisation into the future.

“We know that we are operating to the highest standards at Verus Metrology Partners. We have been complying with ISO: 17025 for many years. But we felt it was time to have that compliance and high standards officially recognised,” says Managing Director Andrew Hodson.

An extra level of confidence

Verus Metrology Partners will be the first dedicated and independent metrology test laboratory to achieve this standard in Ireland and the UK. It will cover all required elements of dimensional testing and inspection carried out at the two current Verus testing labs located in Nottingham, UK and Sligo, Ireland – from laboratory environmental and temperature control to methods of dimensional measurement, handling and labelling.

“It is about providing an extra level of confidence in how we perform our metrology work for clients and demonstrates the excellence that we are confident we deliver,” says Andrew. “We are in the process of completing our internal documents. We plan to apply shortly with the aim of having the new accreditation in place by the second quarter, this year.”

The process for accreditation is being led in the UK by Jon Banner, Verus’ UK Operations Director. Ronan O’Hara, their Head of Compliance, is leading the process in Ireland.

Current standards for metrology

Verus achieved the international standard — ISO:9001 — for general Quality Management Systems 10 years ago, within three months of setting up. The ISO:9001 demonstrates their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Last May, they also successfully transitioned to the updated ISO:9001:2015 standard.

“We work with clients in the Medical Technology sectors who audit us regularly. We could have more than 10 audits from clients each year. This is how we always know that our systems are at, or higher than, the required standards. However, it will give our clients reassurance to know we are accredited by an internationally recognised body, UKAS.” says Andrew.

To find out more about the Sub-Contract Metrology services Verus Metrology Partners provide, contact Jon Stabler, Metrology Applications Manager in the UK, on +44 (0)115 967 7807 or Hazel Rooney, Metrology Manager in Ireland on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 4).

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