Vynacol Plus Masterbatch Reduces Chalking and Extends Working Life of PVCu

Colour Tone Masterbatch has introduced a new addition to their highly successful range of Vynacol polymer specific masterbatches for PVCu.

Vynacol Plus incorporates a combination of newly developed technologies to reduce chalking on PVCu components designed for exterior exposure, so improving their long-term appearance and extending their working life.

The pigment and additive selection are tailored to the client’s individual applications and aspirations, to minimise the detrimental effects of Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet radiation on the PVC polymer.

General Manager of Colour Tone Masterbatch, Simon Atterby, explained, that this is “an exciting, innovative approach to reducing an acknowledged issue. The combination of our market leading expertise of colouring PVCu with Vynacol coupled with our familiarity with PVC and knowledge of colourants and performance enhancing additives put us in a unique position to address this problem.”

To find out how your PVCu products could benefit from this exciting new development please contact Colour Tone Masterbatch Ltd: +44 (0)2920 888910 or info@colourtone-masterbatch.co.uk.

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