Wilde Analysis Offer Free Moldex3D Consultancy

Until 31st March 2020, Wilde Analysis’ team of engineers will review your moulding process, to analyse, identify and evaluate your production problems, free of charge, using Moldex3D.

Have you lost control of your process? Have your cycle times become bloated? Do you need more cooling than you used to? Are you feeling guilty about reject rates?

If so, visit the Wilde Analysis Website and submit your CAD files, along with material and processing conditions, and Wilde’s team of engineers will analyse your design using their advanced Moldex3D Plastic Injection Moulding Simulation Software.  They will identify the cause of the problem, evaluate potential solutions and present your results. 

This service is free of charge until 31st March 2020.*


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Simulating the plastic injection moulding process reduces the need for costly physical prototypes, avoids potential manufacturing defects and helps deliver innovative products to market faster. Wilde Analysis provide invaluable solutions to design companies, injection moulders and toolmakers. Learn more about the Moldex3D product range here >>

*This free moulding simulation offer is only valid in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Offer Expires: March 31st, 2020*

For further information on Moldex3D software, training and consultancy services please contact Wilde Analysis on 061 474 6886 or email at info@WildeAnalysis.co.uk

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