WP Group Inject Productivity into Plastic Manufacturing

For over 20 years, WP Group have been proud to represent Mobil. Now WP Group have rolled out their first-class service across the UK, offering unrivalled technical, engineering and condition monitoring expertise to more customers.

As an Authorised Mobil distributor across the UK, WP Group (WP) offer the complete range of high performance Mobil lubricants along with innovative lubricant solutions to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operating costs to plastic manufacturers.

Technical Consultancy

WP’s lubrication engineers work closely with customers to help identify the root cause of lubricant related failures and develop a strategy to eliminate the burden of unplanned equipment downtime and associated maintenance costs.

Site Study

To help you discover the true cost of your current lubrication programme, WP’s engineers can provide a full in-depth evaluation to assess how your current lubricants and lubrication practises affect your business in terms of productivity, HSSE and environmental impact. WP’s expert engineers then work to identify areas of improvements and propose an action plan to improve process efficiency, reduce HSSE risk and decrease operational costs.

Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis

Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis is the industry’s most sophisticated oil analysis programme providing reliable predictive information about the condition of your lubricants. WP Group’s experienced lubricant engineers can analyse your results and offer ongoing guidance and recommendations.

Request your consultation

To request a consultation with a WP industry leading engineer contact them on 0333 222 4034 or email lubricants@thewp-group.co.uk.

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