WRAP Launches Awareness Campaign to Combat Plastics Confusion

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched the ‘Clear on Plastics’ campaign to give the public clear information about the complex world of plastics, packaging and the environment.

Clear on Plastics has been designed to give citizens clear information about plastics and packaging, helping them to make their own informed choices. For example, it will explain the role of plastic packaging in protecting the products we buy, and demonstrating the balance between the benefits and drawbacks of alternatives. It will also give tips and advice on how citizens can reduce their use of plastic at home.

Peter Maddox, Director of WRAP UK, said: “When we set up The UK Plastics Pact we committed to uniting an entire supply chain with a common goal to keeping plastics in the economy and out of the environment. We also committed to engaging with citizens, who are concerned about the environment and want to understand how they can play their part. But we know that navigating the issues around this complex material can be tricky.

“We’ve listened to the most common areas for confusion and have designed Clear on Plastics to address those, so that citizens are empowered to make their own informed decisions when it comes to plastics.”

Clear on Plastics will be a social media-led campaign amplified by influencer content and the support of UK Plastics Pact members and supporters, and other partners such as local authorities.

More information can be found on the campaign website at www.clearonplastics.com, as well as @ClearonPlastics on Twitter and Instagram.

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