ZEISS T-SCAN 10: A Mobile Measurement Room for Intuitive 3D Data Capturing

The ZEISS T-SCAN system consists of perfectly matched components which help users to obtain highly precise 3D data in a straightforward and intuitive way – even in the most hard-to-reach areas.

Combined with the pre-installed GOM Inspect Suite software, the lightweight and hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN, the optical tracking system T-TRACK and the touch probe T-POINT deliver measurement results for a wide range of applications.

With its mobile and modular concept, the laser scanning system ZEISS T-SCAN offers maximum flexibility for inspecting parts and tools directly on the shop floor. Featuring a measuring volume of 10 m3, the all-new ZEISS T-TRACK 10 can now be combined with the T-SCAN to digitise smaller parts with high accuracy.

3D data acquisition for analyses, measuring processes and creating full digital twins is easy and intuitive with T-SCAN. The system is equipped with the pre-installed GOM Inspect Suite, which is an established standard in many industries and supports all inspection tasks from scanning through to inspecting and reporting.

Mobile system with modular concept

In combination with the optical tracking system ZEISS T-TRACK, T-SCAN measures in any dimension. Users can choose between two versions of T-TRACK: The new T-TRACK 10 for smaller measuring volumes of 10 m3 and higher accuracy or the established T-TRACK 20 for large measuring volumes of up to 20 m3. In just one setup, T-TRACK 10 can measure parts of up to 2.5 m in length, T‑TRACK 20 of up to 4 m in length.

The traceable accuracy guarantees reproducible and reliable measuring results. The hand-held touch probe T-POINT is ideally suited to perform single-point measurements on object surface areas such as edges and standard geometries or optically hard-to-reach areas. T-SCAN can capture 3D data even on vibrating or moving objects.

Extension of measuring volume

If a part is too large for the T-TRACK or its geometry blocks the line of sight, Spherical Mounted Targets (T-SCAN SMTs) ensure the precision of the captured data. The SMTs can be easily mounted on the measured object and allow for extended measuring volumes.

zeiss_t-scan_01Wide range of applications

Not only shop floor inspections are now easier with T-SCAN – the measuring system supports all quality control and inspection areas. Thanks to T-SCAN, users benefit from precise 3D data and easy inspections from product development and design through to tool and mould-making.

Many inspection features for free

With its all-in-one GOM Inspect software, 3D metrology specialist GOM has become a standard in many industries. GOM’s new software platform GOM Inspect Suite embraces and facilitates the complete workflow from scanning to reporting for maximum ease of use.

GOM Inspect Suite offers a host of inspection features and is available for free after registration. The full version of GOM Inspect Suite provides the full extent of data analysis and template capabilities. Users can download a free 30-day trial version to test out the software and its professional features.

Experience 3D scanning with ZEISS T-SCAN: www.handsonmetrology.com

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