AKI: Benefits of Engineering Thermoplastics

The term “Engineering Thermoplastics” was first introduced by the General Electric Co. in the 1960’s. They defined it as a polymer which could replace most metals in many applications.

As a result of today’s economy, an increasing number of companies have been forced to put a larger emphasis on cost reduction whilst still maintaining the same performance quality and standard.

One solution which many manufacturers are now incorporating is replacing metal and other traditional materials with engineered thermoplastics or high-performance plastic resins.

At A K Industries, by utilising advanced engineering polymers, as well as long serving relationships with the very best material suppliers and innovative design and technology, they are market leaders in replacing metals with plastics in demanding applications.

Thermosetting Polymers offer many benefits:

  • Performance
    • High thermal stability
    • High rigidity
    • High dimensional stability
    • Resistance to creep and deformation under load
    • Light weight
    • High electrical and thermal insulating properties
    • Chemical resistance: Fire, smoke and toxicity performance
    • Fatigue Performance
    • Corrosion resistance
    • UV resistance
    • Noise Reduction
    • Vibration Dampening
    • Electrical non-conductance
  • Processability/ Manufacturing
    • In-mould decoration or texturing
    • Option for different colours
    • Lower tooling costs
    • Significant parts consolidation
    • Shorter lead times
    • Design freedom

A K Industries is an industry leader in helping companies improve product design, manufacturability, and performance by switching to thermoset moulding compounds. They work in partnership with customers to fully understand parts functionality and requirements, collaborating on designing a part for manufacturability.  AKI have successfully converted many metal fabrications to thermoset composite materials, providing customers with substantial cost savings and superior performance.

Contact the team today to find out how they can work with you to replace metals in your products.
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