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Injection moulding complex plastic parts is an advanced process that requires highly specialised equipment, operator skills, and engineering expertise to manufacture products that require multiple materials and higher tolerances.

At A K Industries, using our 20+ years of expertise and experience we have the capabilities to produce more advanced products, reducing assembly time and speeding up production- this translates into higher quality, lower costs and more satisfied customers.

Some examples of a few of the complex mouldings which we can produce here at A K Industries:

  • Complex thread forms
  • Complex shapes
  • Distortion controlling in glass filled materials
  • Very tight tolerance work +/- 0.02
  • Complex sealing faces and core features
  • Processing the polymers with various filters to ensure dimensional stability and optimised polymer characteristics
  • Small bore holes
  • Thin wall
  • Managing shrinkage and fibre orientation
  • Process FMEA’s

The process of working to a technical tight tolerance can be customised for any project to maximise quality and manufacturability. This partnership begins with communication- whereby for us to design the best possible process, we must understand the client’s vision of the product. Working with the design team in the earliest possible stages allows us to utilise our engineering know-how, creativity and advanced equipment to transform that vision into the perfect custom moulding process that is productive, efficient and cost-effective.

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