ARBURG Ltd Partner with Rockson LubriTek

ARBURG Ltd, Rockson LubriTek and Fuchs have collaborated to offer ARBURG customers in the UK improved performance levels for their machines.

As standard, buyers of new ARBURG machines are now offered an energy efficient hydraulic oil as part of the initial oil fill. This moves away from a traditional mineral based hydraulic oil to a semi synthetic based product, Fuchs Renolin MR 46 MC. This type of technology not only boasts extended service life and improves filterability, but is also proven to offer energy saving performance.

As part of the one stop shop philosophy, ARBURG Ltd ensure the initial hydraulic oil fill is always included in the installation of new machines. This guarantees the quality of the hydraulic oil and the post fill filtration, both of which are critical to the performance of the injection moulding machine. This crucially important service is fulfilled by oil management experts Rockson LubriTek.

With Rockson LubriTek’s investment in state-of-the-art filtration rigs, which filter through 1 micron absolute filters, hydraulic oil ISO cleanliness will always be met. This is a critical part of maintaining manufacturer warranty. ARBURG customers will have total confidence that their investment in new machinery has a top class performing “life blood” running through its hydraulic system.

Rockson LubriTek also offer ongoing oil management services to ensure the hydraulic oil in injection moulding machines continue to meet the standards and requirements set out by ARBURG.

Simon Wrighton, ARBURG Ltd Sales Director commented: “Rockson LubriTek were selected as our initial oil fill partner due to a long-standing relationship throughout both businesses and a knowledge of what ours and more importantly our customers’ needs are. We have ultimate confidence in Rockson LubriTek carrying out a professional job on every machine installation.”

Jamie Shaw, Rockson LubriTek Sales Director commented: “Being a partner with ARBURG Ltd demonstrates our desire to work with an industry leader and their commitment to offering first class hydraulic oil services to customers. This an area which is commonly ignored as a critical component of injection moulding machine performance.”

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