Bausano Pipe Extrusion: Trusted Experts in Polyolefin Extrusion

There is a growing worldwide demand for plastic material piping due to the many advantages plastic confers over existing pipelines. Subsequently, the production of polyolefin pipe has recorded exponential growth in many sectors.

Polyolefin pipe has seen impressive growth in many sectors, from infrastructure to civil construction and the oil and gas sector by virtue of the performance characteristics that make this family of plastic materials especially suitable for pipe applications.

Polyolefin offers several notable advantages, with polyethylene (PE) specifically having the highest production volume worldwide due to its unique combination of useful properties guaranteeing high levels of durability, ductility, excellent chemical resistance, low permeability to aqueous vapour and minimal water absorption. Polyolefins, in general, have been further supported by new technology, making it possible to produce large diameters of PO pipes up to 4m.

Polyolefins are therefore being established as the material of choice to install new networks or replace existing ones, eating up the market shares of metal and concrete pipes.

Bausano – choosing quality

Bausano stands out in the market due to its strategic choice to pursue in-house design and production of extrusion lines and components including the screw, barrel and tooling. This leads to superior efficiency in company processes, high-quality standards and a well-balanced, competitive position, with complete control over the value chain. Bausano engages proactively with customers, offering pre-sales consultancy aimed at identifying the most suitable formula to obtain the desired product and offer the best extrusion system.

E-GO: Single-screw Extruder

Dynamic, flexible and international, Bausano has been successfully active for over 77 years, standing out as a leading, world-class manufacturer of extrusion lines for processing plastic materials. Combining unique expertise and skills with an innovation-focussed culture means Bausano can actively respond to and address market needs.

Bausano’s E-GO single-screw technology makes it possible to manufacture polyolefin pipes for several applications in various industries: from construction, utilities, medical, automotive and more.

Single or multi-layer pipes, rigid or flexible, variable diameters up to 4m and a variety of materials including PP, PP-R, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PE-X, PE-RT, PMMA, PC, PA and PU – plus a wide range of fully customisable Bausano accessories – makes it possible to build complete extrusion lines to fit any requirement.

Screw Design Process

E-GO’s strong advantage is the geometry of its screw, which features customised design and differentiated pitch, allowing for torque optimisation by increasing the machine output and making low-temperature processing possible for materials including polyolefins. Bausano devotes considerable resources to the smallest details to ensure high performance and long-term reliability.

A Model of Efficiency

High energy efficiency is ensured by the low-input asynchronous motors, while the lower wear reduces the risk of failure and helps lower overhead costs by reducing the need for frequent servicing. Furthermore, thanks to Bausano’s Digital Extruder Control, the user interface is completely customisable and allows simultaneous control of the extruder and downstream equipment.

E-GO is the culmination of skill, collaboration and in-house design and production, delivering tangible results and helping customers gain a vital competitive advantage.

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