Boston Matthews Develops Multi-Layer Die Head Technology for Flexible, Quick Change Production

Extrusion machinery manufacturer, Boston Matthews, has developed a new type of multi-layer die head, providing processors with greater production flexibility and complete control over their die head housekeeping.

The multi-layer die head has been developed by Boston Matthews using a combination of over 50 years of polymer processing experience and the latest 3D simulation software.

The multi-layer die heads are capable of producing 1/2/3 or 5 layer tubes without making any changes to the tooling allowing for fast change of tube specification.

Short-flow path technology also allows for quicker colour change without the need for cleaning the die in most cases. Shorter flow paths also reduce the amount of time the polymer is being processed, which greatly improves product quality. The reduction in die size also reduces the number of heating zones required, further improving melt quality.

The die head has been specifically designed to be compact, significantly reducing footprint and much less complex to clean and re-assemble, as the cleaning of the head can be undertaken by the operator. In contrast, many alternative multi-layer die heads are extremely complex and therefore deters in-house cleaning or forces the company to send the head away for cleaning at considerable cost and disruption to production.

Today’s markets are ever-changing and in many industries such as Cosmetic Squeeze Tube (packaging) the production batch sizes are smaller which places greater emphasis on the manufacturer to be flexible and to be able to change specification very quickly.

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