Boddingtons at the Ready

Medical device manufacturer, Boddingtons, is re-gearing its engineering resources and production capabilities in order to help meet the current threat of the Coronavirus.

Boddingtons‘ CEO, Andy Tibbs, commented: “All of our medical manufacturing and healthcare expertise at Boddingtons is tried and tested, and is now ready and immediately available to produce the medical and healthcare products that are needed at this time.”

Recent investments at Boddingtons – in Class 7 cleanroom expansions; in the Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active CMM machine and in the universal MDSAP medical quality qualification – will all enable the speedy introduction of medical manufacturing.

The company’s award-winning design expertise for medical devices has been recognised on a near-annual basis over the past six years. Medical and healthcare clients include SME start-ups and Medical OEMs.

Tibbs adds that “We’re capable of producing fast-cycling volume mouldings and also intricate and fine-detail injection moulded components in cleanroom conditions – for Class 1 and Class 2 medical devices.”

Contact Boddingtons direct for manufacturing needs in relation to the virus. Telephone 01622 833723.

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+44 (0)1622 833700

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