Broadway Colours Appoints New Technical Manager

Broadway Colours, a trusted masterbatch and roto powder manufacturer, has invested further in R&D with a new laboratory and the appointment of Dr. Chandres Surti as Technical Manager.

Dr. Chandres Surti and his team will lead the expansion of Broadway Colours’ product portfolio. This will involve introducing new speciality additives such as fire retardants and blowing agents to their masterbatch range. Working closely with the sales department, Dr. Surti will also play a key role in developing and bringing to market the next generation of special effect masterbatches. The business has increased R&D capacity with significant investments in a new lab and personnel.

Dr. Surti said:

It’s an exciting time to join Broadway Colours. Customers are increasingly looking for us to lead them, particularly with considerations that help meet sustainability targets. Our recent R&D investments demonstrate a genuine desire for continued innovation, developing new solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

Another focus will be working with customers to introduce PCR materials and manage the colour and additive tolerances within the use of PCR. Beyond this, Dr. Surti is working on several other projects that focus on reducing virgin polymer use. This includes exploring the use of Broadway Colours’ ‘Supra-Sustainable’ marine-based additive within rotational moulding powder.

Dr. Surti continued:

We’ve seen within masterbatch how our ‘Supra-Sustainable’ additive allows for a significant reduction in virgin plastic content and also provides further benefits in the moulding process. Supra-Sustainable has a lower melt point than polymer, which has been proven to facilitate quicker cycle times – reducing energy and cost.

“In compounds and rotational moulding powders, these benefits can be magnified as the additive ratio can be increased. As a modern carbon product, it avoids the liberation of historic carbon, unlike other fillers such as chalk.”

There are obvious benefits to manufacturing with a bio-renewable resin in place of oil-based plastics, especially when it derives from refining a bio-marine waste material. The carbon footprint is thought to be five times lower than conventional PP and PE. From a commercial perspective, the material can offer much-improved cost stability as it’s not dependent on non-renewable, oil-based raw materials. It’s readily available and abundant, which isn’t always the case with PCR. It’s also compatible with current recycling streams.

Dr. Surti was awarded his PhD at the University of East Anglia; his studies bridged chemistry and microbiology. He worked as an R&D chemist for many years before progressing to R&D manager. He moved to a leading speciality chemical company, developing novel monomers for the contact lens industry. Then as Technical Manager at MV Plastic, he developed polymers with applications in medical devices. His many years of experience managing product development in highly regulated environments provided an excellent foundation for his current position at Broadway Colours.

Nick Barber, Sales Director at Broadway Colours, said:

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products tailored to the requirements of our customers’ end applications. We’ve expanded our technical and regulatory team, and we’re building a new laboratory to support new product development. Dr. Surti’s leadership of our R&D will form an integral part of our strategy. His technical knowledge is already proving beneficial to our business and our customers.”

Broadway Colours’ investments in infrastructure and personnel will allow them to continue to innovate and respond effectively to unique customer requirements. As a leading supplier of polymer-specific, custom-colour masterbatch, performance additives, special effects, compounds and roto powders, this investment will help futureproof their business at a point where government legislation and consumer demand is driving change across the industry.

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