Cellular Mouldings Launches Solution for Core Customers

Cellular Mouldings Extrusions have introduced a new gasket which sits between Standard TPE gaskets and open cell gaskets.

Having worked closely with high-profile window manufacturers throughout the years, the team at Cellular Mouldings Extrusions are keenly aware of the importance of thermal and acoustic performance in the finished products. Realising that the commonly used solid gaskets were not the best option, Cellular Mouldings Extrusions set about developing a process to produce a lighter, more thermally efficient foam core.

Extrusions Manager Darin explains:

“TPE Self Skinning and Skinned foam gaskets are just like a TPE standard gasket but with a feature boost.  The closed cell foam improves the acoustic performance increasing sound insulation and energy efficiency. The thermal properties increase thermal insulation which helps to keep the nasty cold out. In turn, with its increased flexibility, the closed cell foam does not absorb water and does not tear easily. 

“Another benefit is excellent compression set and memory characteristics, twice that of standard TPE.  When all of these are combined, a TPE Self-Skinning foam and TPE Skinned Foam Gasket can produce a quality feel without breaking the bank.”

Established in 1972, Cellular Mouldings remains a family business and now serves over 400 customers. Cellular Mouldings Extrusions offer both flexible, rigid and co-extruded profiles for a wide range of industries at extremely competitive prices. From low volume bespoke profiles to medium and high-volume production runs. They also have many standard profiles available to choose from.

As a group of companies, they also offer other plastic services in the production of polyurethane foams and reaction injection mouldings.

Talk to Cellular Mouldings Extrusions to find out how self-skinned foam gaskets might benefit your business.

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