Continued Investment and a New Face at SP Technology

SP Technology is proud to announce the appointment of Adam Laoud as Application Engineer, as well as revealing its recently revamped offices and new machine tools.

All offices, meeting rooms, and training rooms have been transformed to create a more modern feel and comfortable working environment. As well as the furniture, all training and meeting rooms have had Sharp Big Pads installed to enhance communication and presentations both internally and externally. The Manufacturing department has not been forgotten, with three new XYZ Machine Tools systems now installed and up and running.

Every investment has to be justified. With new office layouts and decor, the justification comes from SP Technology’s staff having a comfortable and bright environment to work in and the tools to further enhance communication across the company. The addition of the new machine tools helps the company to manufacture quicker and more efficiently, helping to keep their machine build on track.

As an automation and robotics turnkey solution provider, their premises have to meet the needs of their clients too; spacious, clean, and with the correct tools and people, allowing them to be an innovative and award-winning automation solution provider.

SP Technology has invested in people too. The company’s new hire, Adam Laoud, will now be servicing SP Technology’s Scottish based clients. Adam’s role will include visiting clients to help understand their needs and to work with the concept team to develop bespoke automated solutions for the clients’ production environments. Adam can be contacted at a.laoud@sptechnology.co.uk and on 07590 229730.

From their purpose-built facility, SP Technology has been designing, building and installing production and process automated solutions since 1984. Their systems are located mainly in the United Kingdom, spread over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In addition to these, they have machines installed across Europe and within the USA, all of which are supported by their team of highly skilled and dynamic engineers.

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