Coral Products (Mouldings) Launch Recycling Plant

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Coral Products PLC group, have this week launched their recycling plant, based in Haydock, Merseyside.

The company announced its investment in late 2018. The priority of the business is to stop plastic going to landfill, upcycle waste plastic and create a box-to-box process, for example recycling waste recycling boxes and creating new boxes.

The determination shown by Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd is evident, after participating and announcing their commitment to making the relevant changes by joining Operation Clean Sweep.

The new 360-degree circular economy plastic recycling plant was officially opened at Haydock on Wednesday 13th March by Councillor Lynn Clarke, cabinet member at St Helens Council, who is responsible for its green, smart and sustainable portfolio. The launch was attended by local authorities, customers, business partners and staff.

Councillor Lynn Clarke’s speech to those attending was positive and reflected the contribution they have made to St Helen’s:

“We are proud to have Coral based in St Helen’s providing jobs for local people, their commitment to the community and the environment, is a positive one.”

Coral’s Managing Director, Neil Ashurst, commented:

“Our commitment to stop plastic going to landfill up-cycle and recycle waste plastic, and take the steps towards plastic not entering landfill, is a testament as to how as a business, celebrating 30 years in British Manufacturing, adapts to change. We are a plastics company with a conscience, and take our responsibility with regard to environmental impact seriously.”

The plant has a capacity of one tonne an hour and will process polypropylene and HDPE materials. In addition to utilising waste produced on site, Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are buying in waste from outside parties. There has been a high level of interest in the recycling plant from local authorities, and businesses within the UK and internationally.

The Board of Coral Products PLC is confident of a high level of plant utilisation. The plant is expected to make a positive impact within the group with all subsidiaries utilising the plant.

Mick Wood, Coral Chief Executive, said:

“It is an exciting time at Coral PLC. There is increasing demand for this type of facility as improved recycling is an area high on most people’s agenda. It will enable our business to satisfy both our internal business recycling targets in addition to driving the profitability of the business. We are grateful to the support Councillor Clarke has given to us, and we are confident that recycling is going to become a major and profitable part of Coral’s business in the future.”

As a business that is classed as “one to watch,” within an industry that is under much scrutiny, Coral Products PLC are leading the way, in innovation, design, investment and efficiency and utilising plastic to make a difference to the environment and circular economy.

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