Daventry Thermoforming Makes Further Investment in Ridat Technology

Daventry-based trade forming company Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd is benefitting from increased efficiency and flexibility, thanks to innovative technology developed by Ridat.

Ridat, a leading UK manufacturer of thermoforming equipment, has supplied Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd with a new Ridat 4848ATF – a heavy-duty automatic reel-fed inline large-format thermoforming machine – and a Ridat 546RCP Roller Cutting Press, which was specially adapted for Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd’s needs.

These solutions complement the four Ridat 3035ATF thermoforming machines already operating at Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd’s site and the commissioning of this new Ridat equipment further cements the long-term relationship between the two companies.

Established in 1992, Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd is a specialist in producing PVC and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) protective coverings for leading luxury car producers, and blister packaging for the DIY industry.

Ridat has more than 60 years of heritage in thermoforming equipment and its products are found in over 65 countries across the globe. It provides a one-stop, single source of packaging plant, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses.

The Ridat 4848ATF boasts double pitch sandwich pre-heating, duplex spiky chain for material transport and double-acting guillotine for sheet separation. Other features include plug assistance, turbo cooling fans, a water-cooled mould bolster and a powered sheet ejector.

The machine operates at speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute and is suitable for operation with all commonly-used thermoformable reel fed stock at high speeds. It can accommodate male and female moulds and is easily adjustable for both width and index pitch from its maximum forming area of 1200mm x 1200mm (48″ x 48′).

The Ridat 546RCP Roller Cutting Press forms part of a range of RCP machines manufactured by Ridat, which are designed to cut plastic thermoformed sheet, rubber, leather, board, foil and other gasket material, plastic foam, plastic-coated or impregnated fabric. In response to Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd’s needs, Ridat modified the 546RCP Roller Cutting Press to allow for additional depth height, which included reconfiguring the machine’s gearing. In addition, Ridat fitted a push bar emergency stop at Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd’s request.

Tony Lewis, Managing Director of Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd, said: “I had no hesitation in opting for Ridat again. We chose Ridat over other competitors as we liked what we saw. The thermoformer purchased was great value for money and very well built. The Ridat thermoformers suit our production of a variety of parts for the automotive industry along with various packaging for DIY stores.

I would recommend Ridat and I believe they build a good, reliable machine, at the right price, whilst still remaining competitive in today’s marketplace. The 546RCP Roller Cutting Press was modified to suit our requirements and Ridat came up with some good ideas to cover our every need. Nothing was too much trouble.”

Dipak Sen Gupta, Director of Ridat, said: “We were delighted to supply Daventry Thermoforming (UK) Ltd with the Ridat 484ATF Large Format High-Speed Automatic thermoforming machine and Ridat 546RCP Roller Cutting Press. Our flexible, innovative technology can make a real difference to thermoforming operations, increasing efficiency and helping companies to introduce new product lines with ease.

It was a pleasure to work with Tony Lewis and his team on integrating the Ridat 484ATF into the Daventry Thermoforming site and to use our engineering expertise to adapt the Ridat 546RCP Roller Cutting Press to their needs.

This project is an example of how we can apply our technical know-how and industry knowledge to take on our customers’ challenges.

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