ENGEL UK to Provide Additional Sector-Specific Support to Moulders

ENGEL UK has announced a new sales initiative that has organised its team of Sales Managers to provide injection moulding customers with the very best of their skills. As many moulders diversify into new areas, ENGEL UK aims to provide sector-specific expertise, regardless of location.

With the most comprehensive product range of any machine and automation manufacturer, as well as a UK service organisation that operates 7 days per week, ENGEL UK leads the market in terms of both the number and the value of injection moulding machines imported.

The latest initiative from ENGEL UK aims to provide its customers with even more in-depth, sector-specific knowledge, as the company reorganises its sales team, with each sales manager taking responsibility for each of ENGEL’s specialities.

Whilst maintaining overall responsibility for the Central region, Bill Robbins (bottom, right) will specialise in Packaging Applications across the UK.

Steve Taylor (top, right) will become ENGEL UK’s Injection Moulding Medical Applications specialist, whilst continuing area responsibility for the South of the country and Ireland.

Automotive injection moulders will be assisted by Robin Hornsby (top, left), who will additionally remain responsible for all customers in the North of the country.

Mike Madden (top, centre) is taking on Key Account Management and also project management within the areas of Packaging and Automotive applications.

The Sales Managers will be assisted by Krzysztof Bruski (bottom, left) with Project Management in Packaging and Medical applications.

ENGEL UK Managing Director, Nigel Baker, says “Many injection moulders are currently diversifying into additional areas, due to the current economic climate. At ENGEL UK we know we have the expertise to help them find the best solutions for their new projects. We have therefore taken steps to enable access to this experience, for all moulders regardless of geographical position.

“Existing ENGEL UK customers will still be able to discuss projects with their familiar Sales Managers, but will also have the knowledge and involvement of a specialist in the particular application.”

Following the huge success of the recent ENGEL live e-xperience, the virtual trade fair for injection moulders, ENGEL UK are confident that this new arrangement will be of great benefit to UK moulders and manufacturers.

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