Exact Systems Launches New UK E-Learning Platform

Exact Systems has launched a brand-new distance learning tool prepared for future employees that will be joining the Exact Systems team.

The development of this platform was done with the implementation of tests verifying competencies desired as a Quality Controller. These include accuracy, diligence, acting in accordance with the instructions and procedures, good eyesight, and repeatability of decisions.

With everything all being online, Exact Systems saves time on the preparation of needing a CV, cover letter and the process of making potential employees travel down to a recruitment office.

With Exact Systems’ potential employees being at any place at any time, they leave the door of opportunity wide open for anyone who would like to have co-operation with their businesses as a Quality Controller. Exact Systems will adapt to the best possible way of welcoming new and efficient ways to reach out to valuable candidates.

Exact Systems, established in 2004 in Poland, specialises in the provision of containment, sorting, rework and quality control services, mainly for the automotive industry. They operate in twelve countries globally and employ around 5000+ qualified quality controllers supporting OEMs, Tier 1s, 2s and logistics supply chains.

Exact Systems are now also expanding their control services in the domain of electrical appliances, cosmetics and household appliances.

To find out more about how Exact Systems can support your supply line and add value to your quality control processes, contact them on 01952 210 245 or visit their website: www.exactsystems.com

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