Faster than Ever: The NETSTAL ELION Series from KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei has achieved substantial optimisation of the dry-cycle time of the NETSTAL ELION series by adjusting the clamping unit controller, resulting in faster machines than ever.

The dry-cycle times of the high-performance NETSTAL ELION have been reduced by up to 0.2 seconds across the entire model range. The shorter dry cycles are available for all NETSTAL ELION models with aXos version 8.2.0 and up.

This update for the NETSTAL ELION series incorporates the latest controller technology insights, which we had already applied to the NETSTAL ELIOS series,” said Renzo Davatz, CEO of KraussMaffei HighPerformance AG.

The additional speed is made possible through the adaptive optimisation of the acceleration and deceleration ramps for the clamping unit drive. The result; the maximum moving speed will be reached faster than before and can be maintained longer before the moving mould plate is harmoniously decelerated and the toggle lever mechanism seamlessly transitions to building up the clamping force – all without compromising mould protection.

Taking into account the potential mould weight allows shorter production cycles

However, a shorter dry-cycle time does not automatically mean a faster cycle under real production conditions. That is why the new control algorithm takes into account the potential tool weight based on the set installation height and incorporates it in the control of the acceleration and deceleration process. “This allows our customers to further speed up the production cycles on their NETSTAL ELION and, as a result, achieve further productivity increases,” emphasised Davatz.

High-performance solution for closure applications

The following application example illustrates what this can mean in practice: A NETSTAL ELION 4200 with a 96-cavity mould produces Type 29/25 HDPE closures. One closure weighs 1.23 grams. Thanks to the optimised control, the cycle can be shortened from 2.77 seconds to 2.6 seconds. The hourly output goes up from 124,750 to 132,920 closures, which equals an increase in productivity of 6.5%.

Even before the update, the NETSTAL ELION already provided our customers across the globe with the highest-performance solution for closure applications. Thanks to the optimised clamping unit control, users now benefit from additional increases in the effectiveness of the machines,” said Davatz, summarising the customer benefit.

Fast, precise, reliable: the NETSTAL ELION

In the high-performance segment, KraussMaffei’s NETSTAL brand stands for the fastest, most precise and most reliable injection moulding machines. NETSTAL machines are built to reliably deliver perfect results year-after-year and with extreme loads. The NETSTAL ELION series, which was launched in 2004, is proof of this: Through a horizontal servo motor, the centrally positioned 5-point dual toggle lever is put in motion especially dynamically yet harmoniously. No other manufacturer uses this demanding yet highly efficient lever mechanism.

For the past 15 years, the NETSTAL ELION operating principle has convinced customers through top speeds, low wear and top energy efficiency. These are the elements needed for the successful production of thin-wall packaging, beverage closures and consumable articles for the medical industry.


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