Forteq to Exhibit at Med-Tech Innovation and Automechanika

Forteq UK, a Swiss-owned global manufacturer of high-volume technical injection moulded plastic components and assemblies, are getting prepared to exhibit for the upcoming Med-Tech Innovation 2018 and Automechanika Birmingham 2018 exhibitions.

At the Med-Tech Innovation exhibition, Forteq UK, alongside Forteq Healthcare, will be showcasing technical injection moulded medical devices. Forteq Healthcare are a leading supplier of precise and complex drug delivery systems. They provide product design, development and industrialisation, including contract manufacturing for devices under clean room conditions in compliance with cGMP. Forteq’s technology experience includes inhalation, dose counting systems and injection devices.

This will be Forteq’s first appearance at the Med-Tech Innovation exhibition and they hope it will bring many exciting leads and enquiries. You can find Forteq exhibiting technical medical devices and processes at Med-Tech Innovation 2018 on the 25th and 26th of April 2018 at Stand A47. In attendance will be Forteq Healthcare’s Global Sales & Development Engineering Director Beat Wasser and Forteq UK’s Business Development Manager Steve Roberts.

Forteq UK will also be showcasing technical injection moulded components and processes at Automechanika Birmingham 2018. Forteq Group’s automotive core competencies and globalised activities comprise engine timing systems, air suspension systems, under bonnet pump applications, geared actuators and power steering (EPS). On display will be the company’s new brochure and video, as well as a range of technical associated parts for air suspension, plastic gear assemblies, wiper systems, engine timing system guides, pumps, EPS, filtration, HVAC heaters, engine mount assemblies, door latch modules, fluid delivery, gear shift housing and lighting components.

You can find Forteq UK exhibiting production parts and processes at Automechanika Birmingham 2018 between the 5th and 7th of June 2018 at Stand A17. In attendance will be Forteq UK’s Business Development Manager Steve Roberts and Sales and Marketing Assistant Joseph Allan.

At their modern facility in Huddersfield, Forteq UK have over 75 years’ experience within the injection moulding industry, often using advanced technical polymers such as PA66, PBT, PPA, PPS and PEEK. Their employees operate 24/7 and utilise highly automated efficient manufacturing cells with 6 axis robots and vision systems. Forteq Group have their own dedicated “state of the art” toolmaking facility in Suzhou, with competence to make the highest quality injection mould tooling to European standards. Forteq’s customers are truly global and well-known brands across many industry sectors. Forteq UK export to several European countries, North America, South America and China.

For more information, contact Forteq UK on +44 1484 42 43 84. You can also find Forteq UK on LinkedIn or visit their website.

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