Innovative Gate Cutting System from Ermanno Balzi

Italian mould component manufacturer, Ermanno Balzi, has developed an exciting new product, allowing separation of a moulded component from its cold runner during the moulding cycle, with an internal cutting mechanism. 

Ermanno Balzi‘s Octagon Technology allows the separation of a moulded part from the cold runner, thanks to an axial movement of a cutter, driven by a mini-cylinder fed by high-pressure oil.

The cut is made with the mould closed at the end of the holding phase. At this point the polymeric material is still hot, the operation is therefore not a real cut but a movement of material.

High pressure and accurate time control are essential for performing a quality cut. This is made possible by the GCM Control Unit.

Octagon technology brings a number of advantages in the production process:

  • Time – Avoid second operations without increasing cycle time.
  • Quality – Increases quality of the cut and injected part, ensuring repeatability of the production process.
  • Materials – Guarantees an optimal cut even with materials such as PMMA that are critical to cut once solidified.
  • Safety – Avoids risks for operators related to cold runner cutting with blunt tools.

For more information, view the product data sheets here, or see the system in action in the video below:


Ermanno Balzi is represented in the UK by CyTec Systems UK Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the UK mould and die industry. Its product range now covers both the CyTec range and the AHP Merkle range of hydraulic cylinders. CyTec was appointed the UK agent for Ermanno Balzi in 2016.

If you would like further information, please contact CyTec Systems on 0161 678 7090.

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