Hardies Appointed By NovaPET as Joint UK Distributor

Hardie Polymers are delighted to announce that they’ve been appointed by NovaPET to sell their injection moulding grades of PET in the UK.

Hardies are pleased to be distributors for Novapet of Spain for their special range of injection moulding grades of PET.

Managing Director of Hardie Polymers, Fergus Hardie explained,

“Firstly, this is a new product to the UK market and potentially offers significant cost saving opportunities for parts where a clear grade of plastic is required. It can potentially replace much more expensive engineering grades such as PC, SAN, PMMA etc.

They have exclusivity for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England and also a cluster of counties in the south of England.

Novapet is part of the Samca Group, a 3,500 employee strong multi-national industrial conglomerate.

Novapet is the leading producer of PET resins in the Iberian Peninsula with 260,000 tonnes/year capacity. It is currently the biggest of Europe’s private manufacturers. With a strategy of integrating products and services throughout the value chain, geared towards packers and innovation in packaging, it collaborates with more than 200 customers in 30 countries and in its 4 divisions:

  –  Commodity resins for sectors such as: water, soft drinks, oils, detergents, etc.

  –  Novapet Polymer Services with its special resins for thin wall, direct injection, EBSM, etc.

  –  Packaging.

  –  Light Barrier applications.

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