Impact’s Proficiency Testing and Certification – DRRR

Impact Solutions are a leading plastics testing laboratory and R&D centre. They are a unique independent consultancy lab working from reactor to recycle.

As a UKAS and ISO 17025 accredited testing facility, No. 0402, they have the capability to test products to an extensive array of standards including thermal, mechanical and environmental tests. Their expert team have industry experience stretching back 45 years, giving them a wealth of knowledge.

As part of their ongoing commitment to quality, Impact have recently completed a proficiency testing exercise run by the “Deutsches Referenzburo fur Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien” (DRRR).  The proficiency programmes, run by the DRRR, test a laboratory’s ability by providing reference materials to a range of different laboratories around the world.

Laboratories then submit their results to the DRRR who report performance of the different labs on the same material.  They can then see how closely their results correlate to the mean result, and how their standard deviation compares to other laboratories running the same test.

Impact undertook proficiency testing in both Tensile testing to ISO 527-1 and ISO 527-2, and to Lightfastness testing under Xenon Arc to ISO 4892-2, including grayscale assessment.  In both tests Impact scored top marks with Z scores below 2 and a rating of ‘great success’.

Their results in modulus testing (ISO 527-1/-2) were fantastic, with a Z score of 0.02, putting us almost dead on the mean result of the 8 participating labs as shown below.

Impact Solutions results

Impact also scored superbly on lightfastness after accelerated weathering to ISO 4892-2 scoring a Z score of -0.34, which was equal top with 4 other laboratories.  This shows the skill of their technicians along with the reliability and repeatability of their range of Q-Lab weatherometers.

Impact Solutions results 2

Impact will continue to undertake further proficiency testing to ensure they can offer quality and reliable results to their client base. When looking for testing you should always ask laboratories about their quality programmes and proficiency testing results to ensure you are getting the most reliable data possible.

If you would like further information on Impact’s testing capabilities and services, contact them via email info@impact-solutions.co.uk, call them on +44 (0) 1324 489182 or visit their website www.impact-solutions.co.uk.

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