Throughout Covid-19, Intersurgical Relies on KraussMaffei Technology

Intersurgical manufactures medical devices for respiratory support and because of the pandemic, suddenly had to increase its production capacity significantly. In this emergency situation, KraussMaffei has proved to be a flexible and reliable partner.

When Covid-19 became an issue at the beginning of 2020, Charles Bellm, Managing Director of Intersurgical, had no idea that the illness would have such a massive impact on their business.

By February, things were different: the first factory had already closed, and more and more governments and hospitals were contacting Intersurgical to secure deliveries of large a quantities of the highly specialised articles for respiratory support. “We could have increased our production twenty-fold, and it still wouldn’t have been enough,” remembers Bellm.

Intersurgical Masks
In the past six months, Intersurgical has massively increased its production of oxygen masks.

However, the production capacity was massively increased: with over 3,000 employees worldwide, 704 joined the teams during the course of the crisis, along with numerous new KraussMaffei injection moulding machines being put into operation for Covid-19 relevant products. At the location in Lithuania, a CX 160 with an electric turntable is producing filters that are integrated into the breathing system between a respiratory machine and the patient.

Before Covid-19, such filters were replaced routinely in intensive care every 24 hours, in some cases, this can now be every one to two hours, which has further increased demand. At Intersurgical, 26 injection moulding machines alone produce the EcoLite oxygen mask around the clock, which are supplied globally.

Intersurgical Filter
In Lithuania, a CX 160 manufactures special filters that are integrated into the tube between a respiratory machine and the patient.

Fast delivery and fair terms of payment

For Intersurgical, the Covid-19 sprint was possible only because the company has always attached importance to quality and reliable human interaction. Employees who have been working at the company for decades were able to integrate the new colleagues well. With the delivery of additional systems, there was confidence in the partnership with KraussMaffei, which has existed since 1996.

Charles Bellm summarises the events of the past eight months: “In this crisis, we have learned how to work efficiently, and also who we can rely on.”

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