LATI Webinar Proves an International Success

LATI UK, supported by PlastikMedia, hosted a webinar titled ‘Thermally Conductive Compounds’ last month and attracted an international audience. Viewers from thirteen countries on three continents experienced an hour-long live presentation and Q&A with LATI Technical Director, Luca Posca.

Thermally Conductive Compounds Webinar

LATI S.p.A is one of the leading European manufacturers of engineering thermoplastics, with a range of over 2500 formulations, ready-to-use or tailor-made on request. LATI internally research and develop materials, and export them worldwide for use in the electrical, electronic, industrial and transportation sectors.

LATI also has over 15 years of experience in developing thermally conductive compounds. These materials are designed specifically to transfer heat efficiently through plastic elements, offering multiple advantages compared to alternative materials.

During the webinar, broadcast on August 27th, LATI Technical Director, Luca Posca explained the function of thermally conductive compounds, how they work, and when using a thermally conductive plastic has advantages over aluminium. Luca used real-world examples from a variety of industries, including lighting and automotive, to showcase recent applications.

Lati Webinar
Part of a real-world example, this slide stresses the importance of geometry in perfecting heat transfer. The orientation of the material and filler are essential in thermal compounds.


With a physical performance comparable to aluminium, using a thermally conductive compound brings advantages such as weight reduction, cost reduction, energy savings, reduced environmental impact and reduced equipment costs, amongst others.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can view a recording of the webinar on the PlastikMedia YouTube Channel, contact Andrew Donkin of LATI UK for more information, or visit the LATI website.

PlastikMedia Webinar Service

Since the introduction of social distancing measures across the country, a dilemma has occurred in an industry that typically relies on exhibitions, trade fairs and open-house events to promote its latest products and developments. Enter the webinar.

A webinar is the amalgamation of ‘web’ and ‘seminar,’ an engaging online event where a speaker delivers a presentation to a large audience. Viewers can participate by submitting questions, responding to polls, and using other interactive tools to engage with the presenter.

Webinars allow you to deliver a presentation to a worldwide audience, engaging multiple prospects at once, with trackable statistics and data capture enabling your sales teams to follow up with attendees and registrants. Hosting a webinar not only provides a platform to display your products or services, but places your company as a credible voice within the industry, building trust and awareness in your brand.

A map showing the locations of all attendees for the LATI Thermally Conductive Compounds webinar.

PlastikMedia offers a full webinar management package. This includes a comprehensive marketing campaign via email and social media to drive registrations, full setup and support during the event, and statistics and data enabling sales to follow up after the event.  You provide the speaker and presentation, and we’ll handle the rest!

So if you’re wondering how to shout about your products or services during the ‘new normal,’ it’s time to consider going digital.

For more information about this service, visit the PlastikMedia website, or email us at

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