MGB Straight Continues to Revolutionise the UK Waste & Recycling Industry

MGB Straight is the leading manufacturer of waste and recycling containers in the UK. With newly upgraded, state-of-the-art production centres in Rotherham, Hull and Tamworth, MGB quickly and efficiently services its nationwide customer base.

Over the last five years, MGB Straight has undergone a vast, UK-based program of investment totalling £25 million. Supported by its multi-national parent company IPL, MGB has recently completed a significant overhaul and subsequent re-launch of its business. With an innovative approach to manufacturing processes and infrastructure, MGB’s recruitment and retention of specialist, industry-leading talent and an absolute laser focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement have meant that the company now boasts unrivalled UK production capacity and the highest quality products in the sector.

wheeliebinMGB is proud of its products, and the fact that they can offer a 100% British made, Brexit-proof solution to all your wheeled bin, food waste and recycling container requirements. The unrivalled quality and design of its products is the bedrock of the business. The company is always looking to innovate and improve its offering and, with the most rigorous daily quality assurance checks in our industry, not only exceeding the highest industry standards but setting its own benchmark in quality and continuous improvement.

waste-containersWith over 25 years’ experience in the waste and recycling containers industry, MGB Straight has built a customer base which includes over 90% of UK councils and local authorities. Collaborations and partnerships with councils help set MGB apart from alternative manufacturers in this industry. Their feedback, coupled with MGB’s UK base, has enabled the creation of a product range built and designed specifically with the UK market in mind. MGB can satisfy a huge variety of individual product specifications and can even help you decide what would work best for your local authority constituents.

ross-schofieldRoss Schofield, Head of Environmental Containers at MGB (pictured left) commented: “We’re delighted to be at the forefront of helping UK councils improve their recycling rates and the efficiency of their collection systems. Following our extensive UK based investment programme, we are now perfectly resourced to assist in a number of ways. Our in-house experts are only too happy to discuss various options and understand how we can help. We are fully committed to providing the UK with the highest quality, award-winning, sustainable, best value for money, products and services!”

If you’re looking to partner with a business that can help provide all your waste and recycling product solutions for the next ten years and beyond, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact MGB Straight’s dedicated customer service team on 01709 362448, or drop an email to

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