MGS: Everything’s Changed, Except Our Approach to Business

This global pandemic is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory, but like with any other unexpected shift in circumstances, MGS Technical Plastics stay true to who they are; proactive, optimistic, team players that make it their job to help in any given situation.

This pandemic is presenting businesses of all kinds with new challenges and of course for some, new opportunities to make a difference. The focus at MGS Technical Plastics is on doing what is needed to protect their employees, customers, suppliers and partners while ensuring the business continues to operate smoothly.

Currently, MGS are ramping up their support for several US hospitals & health care trusts by continuing the manufacture of vital medical equipment. Testing is also taking place for the production of a suite of 8 impression tools to manufacture filtration housings to upgrade standard face masks to a more effective product. This will require MGS to reduce normal lead-times to an absolute minimum in order to produce 200,000 components per week, at least until the pandemic has descaled.

MGS is maintaining operations in such a way as to ensure the successful continuity of production. This is vital for customers who supply essential items such as baby nappies, for which they produce bespoke packaging parts for one of the world’s largest nappy manufacturers. It is also vital for every one of the customers that rely on them, as one of the cogs in their much bigger wheel, to meet deadlines and deliver on promises.

When this pandemic passes, MGS wants to have done absolutely everything in its power to support its partners and keep the economy going. This isn’t the first time MGS Technical Plastics has had to adapt in a fast-changing environment and it’s thanks to our experience and flexibility that we are able to maintain a consistent supply of plastic components needed by customers in crises including those in Medical, Construction and Defence industries.

In times of war, MGS manufactured and developed a suite of 10 tools to produce a crucial telecommunications defence equipment for the British and US military.

MGS has helped to develop and manufacture fireproof building products to meet new legislation in the construction industry. The intumescent material of the component expands in high temperatures and seals electrical components to reduce the spread of fire in buildings.

MGS has the capability, the supply chain and the expert team to supply plastic components globally in even the most challenging situations.

The COVID-19 pandemic, like any other crisis, therefore, has us asking again how can we help?

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