Mtek Developments’ Expansion Allows Digital Tooling Turnaround in Days

Mtek Developments, a leader in digital engineering, has announced that it has expanded its services to industry, enabling the company to produce ‘digital tooling’ for the production of low volume plastic injection moulded parts.

Mtek Developments is now able to produce tools and moulded parts for customers in a matter of hours and days, rather than the weeks and months associated with conventional injection mould tooling.

“Our state of the art digital printers allow us to offer our customers fantastic turnaround times,” Nick Lomax, Managing Director, commented.

Digital printed tooling is a relatively new manufacturing process that is revolutionising the tool making and injection moulding industry. The team at Mtek have built up a breadth of knowledge to ensure that the tools and parts produced using this method perfectly match customers’ specifications.

Costs can be up to 80% cheaper when using digital tooling instead of conventional steel or aluminium, but despite the significant financial advantages that it offers, Nick says it’s the massive time-saving benefit that is really gaining customers’ interest.

“Thanks to this technology, Mtek can now go from mould design to full and final product testing in a matter of hours and days. That is a really significant breakthrough and appeals to many of our customers.”

Contact Nick Lomax directly on 0121 544 2497 with any urgent requirements.

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