Negri Bossi Launch NOVA sT Compact Servo Toggle Machine Range

Negri Bossi have always had strong UK sales figures for their mid to large tonnage Vector series machine range, but sometimes a customer’s preference for the versatility of the toggle design is offset by the need for a short machine footprint.

The new NOVA sT product range is a major advancement in a number of ways.  The unique design of the new x-design toggle system means that movement is largely vertical in direction, whilst simultaneously improving both rigidity and platen parallelism.

The machine is available in three sizes, 700, 850 and 1150 tonnes, all with class-leading tie bar spacing (1620mm x 1320mm for the largest model) and platen strokes that are 16% higher than on previous equivalent models.

Performance figures are also heightened, with maximum material pressures raised by over 15% and a regeneration system that enables injection speed to be increased by over 25%. Twin electric servo pump motors allow simultaneous clamp, ejector and core movement without reduction in performance, while delivering up to 30% improvements in energy consumption over variable displacement pump technology.

An innovative new closed loop toggle lubrication system has also been introduced.  This thoroughly lubricates the toggle pins, but then draws excess oil through a filter system and back into the lubrication reservoir.  As well as reducing waste, the system minimises the risk of product contamination.

The all new MOTUS controller is the first ‘true’ multi-touch interface, with features such as swipe, scroll and zoom.  This form of gesture navigation will feel familiar to users of smart phones and even allows each user to personalize the display.

Negri Bossi UK Managing Director Alan Dodds commented,

“Customers have always loved the low-level design of our mid and large tonnage machines, as this provides superior access to the platen area, as well as allowing machines to be automated where there is restricted crane clearance.”

“Many of our customers prefer the greater flexibility offered by toggle systems, maximum opening stroke always being available regardless of the tool mould height.  The new x-clamp design now provides the best of both worlds, with tie bar spacing to machine length ratios being similar to those of the equivalent twin platen models.”

“This new machine range complements the mid to very large tonnage Bi-Power two-platen series, offering our customers a greater choice of technologies and machines up to 7000 tonnes locking force.”


Negri Bossi
+44 (0) 1788 222550

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