New Reflectively Enhanced Barrier System from Melba Swintex

Introducing the new reflectively enhanced Barrier system with a depth of 250mm retroreflective area.

The EuroVision Barrier can use four different types of feet depending on the stability you require.

Why 250mm?

Various Standards in many European countries specify a depth of a minimum of 250mm for the top reflective area, and why not have a more reflective product? It’s safer for everyone.

The spindles can even be made reflective for extra, extra visibility.

Facility to fit a 600×450 Courtesy Sign.

High Reflective Sleeving (360°) on two vertical spindles for greater visibility can be fitted.

Cross-Trench Support can add greater stability.

Q-Clip support for barrier to barrier connection.

Hook & Eye connection to other barriers.

Compatible with Master & Gate barriers.

Corporate Colours & Identity

Corporate identity is as important on the roadside as it is on high-visibility garments. The EuroVision can be colour coded, and/or embossed, to suit your corporate identity. We can match Pantone references, which can make your brand identity stand out and creates an increased reduction in Barriers being stolen or misappropriated.

Find out more about the EuroVision Barrier by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information.

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