It’s Tuff at the Top for Melba Swintex

Melba Swintex have introduced the all new Tuff Tread. A completely recyclable trench cover that conforms to the latest HAUC regulations.

Manufactured from HDPE with a PVC skirting, this single-man lift cover is perfect for use as a Footway Board in utility & general street works. Tested in accordance to the latest HAUC regulations under the full guidance of Lloyds British, an accredited testing house with over 200 years’ experience in this field. The Tuff Tread can withstand a full working load of 400 kgs with minimal deflection, & 800 kgs with no sign of failure, over a trench span of 700mm. See the video above to find out more.

The materials used in the manufacturing of the Tuff Tread are 100% recyclable which dramatically reduces the products ending up in landfill by using our closed loop recycling opportunity. Each Tuff Tread when recycled, can be used to manufacture: new products, cone bases, or even a new skirt for another Tuff Tread.

Current covers are manufactured from GRP, which is composed of fine strands of glass fibre that are a severe irritant for skin. When the material breaks, there is a potential risk the glass fibres can become airborne, which poses a serious risk to existing respiratory problems. Existing GRP Trench Covers can break and fracture easily, so therefore must be replaced regularly. It is extremely difficult to recycle GRP, and due to this, most GRP products end up in landfill at their end of life.

The Tuff Tread uses materials that have a high strength-to-density ratio. They are proven to last longer than GRP products. The material does not splinter, nor pose an irritant threat when exposed to contact with the skin. Maintenance of them is easy, and they can be wiped or washed clean if, and when, required.

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